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"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art." Frank Lloyd Wright

Why Wait for Spring?

Let's face it, this has been a dreary, sunless winter for the most part. Adding a new splash of color to a room along with a thorough cleaning will do wonders to brighten those dull, gray days. There are actually many advantages to starting spring cleaning during the winter months!

A few weeks ago, I decided to on a winter project and began to take everything out of our guest bathroom. After painting the walls and trim, I also cleaned all the fixtures including the exhaust fan. When it was time to put everything back into the room, I sorted through the items and removed things for donation, trash, eBay, etc. The results were amazing; a brighter, cleaner and more organized room!

Bathroom cabinetSterilite basket

Consider keeping things under the sink in plastic storage bins.  There are several reasons for this:

  1. Any cleaning supplies or bottles that might leak will not damage the wood of the cabinet.
  2. If for some reason, a leak occurs with the plumbing, it's easy to quickly remove the baskets to access the pipes.
  3. Like items can be grouped together in baskets.  When you need to look for a specific item, just remove the basket and bring it to counter height rather than searching on hands and knees!

Typically in the winter months, indoor conditions tend to be less humid and projects like painting, repairing drywall and shampooing carpets can be completed more quickly (and more comfortably) in the lower humidity. In the summer months, painting and carpet shampooing will add more moisture to the air in your home and make your air conditioner work that much harder - costing you more on your utility bills.

After 20+ years of managing (and owning) rental properties, I know how important it is to keep the carpets clean.  Regular vacuuming and shampooing your carpets can extend their life and keep them looking great!  Take some time each winter to care for your carpets.  I used to rent a machine from the local hardware store but now I own a Hoover Dual V carpet washer.  It works better than the rentals and I clean my machine after uses (not sure about the rentals.)  It does a great job and has paid for itself several times over.

Since I saved some extra money by doing the repairing, painting and shampoing myself, I also took advantage of some of the winter white sales and purchased some new white bath rugs! In my opinion, the best rugs are the reversible Fieldcrest Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton bath rugs. They are thicker, more luxurious and last longer without that rubberized backing which deteriorates so quickly after laundering a few times.

Enjoying early spring

An additional advantage to spring cleaning early is the fact that when spring breezes blow and the sun makes her reappearance, you'll be able to enjoy more time outside -- relaxing!

Get the Gear!

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