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"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art." Frank Lloyd Wright

Picture This!

I'm always looking for ways to create a new look or freshen up a room - without spending a fortune to redecorate.  Here's a very inexpensive and fun way to do just that!

Since framed art is so expensive and I have difficulty finding exactly what I want - I decided to frame some of my own photos. I enjoy taking photographs and have thousands of them on my computer so there's no shortage of choices there. You probably have many photos, too; check your computer, photo CDs and your phone!

Step 1: Purchase an 18" x 24" poster frame. They range in price from $15 - $35. I chose one with a wood frame for our guest bathroom. I have seen similar frames of this size and price range at,, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, etc.

Step 2: Choose the photo you would like to enlarge and upload the photo to A 18" x 24" poster is only $2.97 + shipping to print! Shipping for my order of 2 posters was $6.75 for Priority Mail.

Step 3: Put your poster into your frame, hang and enjoy! Since the posters only cost $2.97 each, create several different looks and change them out seasonally or whenever you feel like it! Note: The poster prints with a small white border around the edge that appears almost as a photo mat.

Gate photoDock photo

Our guest bedroom and bathroom have a beach-themed decor so I selected a photo of one of the Carmel-by-the-Sea cottage gates while on a walk through town. I also had one printed of a dock on a lake in Michigan that we stayed at last fall that I will use in a different room. Not only are the prints inexpensive, but they also have much more meaning when they are your own and are attached to special memories!


Get the Gear!

The products referred to in this article are listed below. These are links to the actual products and services that I have purchased and used myself!