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Can You Hear the Music?

I enjoy listening to music while I'm working, cleaning or just relaxing. Like many households, I have plenty of electronic gadgets that can accomplish that task of producing sound: iPods, tape players, turntables, radios, CD players, SiriusXM devices (requires subscription) and computers, well, you get the idea!

Most recently, my favorite way to listen to music is using my Kindle Fire and a set of inexpensive, portable speakers (about $28). I can use an app like Pandora or Amazon Prime Music and listen to music anywhere that I have access to the Internet. I don't have to change CDs and it's easy to customize my music. I can even listen to various artists without purchasing the song or album!

Enjoy the musicSpeakers

My parents happened to be staying with me for an overnight visit and I was helping them get acquainted with their new Nextbook tablets. We created an account on Pandora and started by typing in an artist and immediately a station featuring that artist and similar ones is created. You can give songs a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and the app will "learn" your music preferences.

There are other music apps available but if you're just getting started, Pandora is one of the easiest apps to and get up and running quickly.

The really nice -- and very convenient -- thing is, it's no longer necessary to have a large stereo or speaker system to achieve great sound. We have a small computer speaker set on the top of the cabinets in our kitchen and can plug in a device (iPod, tablet, computer) to listen to music whenever we want. We also have a second, identical set of speakers that travel with us on fishing trips/vacations to use in the cabin. (Years ago, we used to bring a bulky boombox with at least 50 CDs!)

My parents live in a wooded, rural area and get terrible radio and TV reception. They do however have a great internet connection and were very excited to learn that they could listen to music again, amplified nicely by the same portable and efficient speakers that we purchased for our own home!

If a similar music/sound solution has eluded you, check out the products (listed above and in left sidebar) as a great alternative for your portable electronic music system.

Happy Listening!

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Love the ease of using Pandora with my tablet and speakers. I can play all kinds of music with just a touch. No more searching for CD's, loading and setting ​things up. I now have music at my fingertips! I never knew it could be so easy and basically FREE!"
-- E.C.

"Thank you Yvonne! I didn't know I could get Pandora on my Kindle it!!!"
-- S.M.

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