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Where Did I Put My Glasses?

I was always searching for my sunglasses. I need them for driving (they're prescription), working out in the yard or going for a run. When I go to the chiropractor for an adjustment, they have a plastic eyeglass holder mounted on the wall in each room. How convenient!

I wasn't able to find one of these holders but I did have an extra glasses case that we mounted with some Velcro near the garage entrance - along with a hook for my purse. Now, when I head out the door, I grab my purse, my keys and glasses. When I return, I put them all back in their place (instead of all around the house) so they’re ready for next time. Our kitchen counters are less cluttered and I spend less time looking for my things!

Place for glassesKeys, mail and glasses

Instead of using the bin in the right photo just for outgoing mail, put the outgoing mail vertically and then you'll also room for a eyeglass case or two!


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