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Decluttering for Dollars!

Did you know that January is National Get Organized Month? Is one of your New Year's resolutions to de-clutter some of your stuff? Well, no matter what time of the year it is, most of us have some extra things lying around the house.  Here are three easy ways to help you clean out some of the clutter and get paid for your used books, CDs, DVDs and video games without much effort on your part.

BookcaseCheck from Decluttr

Helpful Websites will pay you for your used DVDs, CDs and video games. You will need to have a minimum of 10 items in order to complete the transaction. Just type in (or scan) the barcodes and they will quote you an amount. They will even supply you with a free shipping label! I tried this for 10 items and got a check for $6.39. Not very much, but it is cash! When I did this, I had to wait for a check in the mail.  Now, Decluttr offers next day direct deposit. is great for selling used books, especially textbooks. Just search the ISBN of the books and they will conduct a search of vendors (up to 37) that are willing to buy the books from you. I wasn't quite as successful here since my textbooks were probably a little too old. Most of my textbooks were worth between $.01 and $1.50 each. allows its customers to trade-in electronics, textbooks, video games and music in exchange for an Amazon gift card. Although it may be convenient to exchange all these items in one place, I've found that Amazon trade-in values are generally lower than other sites. However, I did have one exercise video game that was worth about $10. The nice thing was that I didn't need a minimum amount to do the trade-in and my account was credited in a very short amount of time!


Yes, there is also money to be made as a seller on eBay and Amazon. These sites are only going to work to your benefit if you have the time, space in your home and patience to invest in the selling process. First, try searching a few items using the three websites I've suggested above. I think you'll find them relatively easy and convenient to use.

Good luck and let me know how much money you made!

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